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The World Famous Pretty Shitty Video

Shit Happens if You Let it!

We never intended to make a video- it just happened sort of like shit happens only much more pleasant. It started with fucking around getting some cool iPhone clips then blossoming into a purchasing a Nikon d600 after I realized how much fun filming and editing is. to be honest i was getting bored as fuck shooting photos and need to unleash my inner artist on something new and filming was the best thing i could come up with. Why the name Pretty Shitty you ask? That should be easy to figure out but in case your in still in the wonder booth reasoning goes as easy as this: we are about as opposite as the Pretty Sweet video as can be so naming the video Pretty Shitty was the obvious choice. But don’t let the name fool you cuz the video came out killer for us completely fucking around (mostly high) and not taking ourselves seriously at all. At least we think it did and i guess that’s all that matters.


For your ocular enjoyment I created a photo gallery of some of the top photos we took during the filming of Pretty Shitty. Enjoy, then go back to your wonderful existence.

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