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Huggie's Big Day Out!



Traffic Terrorists and Terrible Beatings

Ahh the joys of becoming a educated man! Leaving the hallowed halls of high school and venturing off to college is a rite of passage that usually results in blistering growth in a young man’s life. The knowledge, self discovery and skills that you acquire can’t be duplicated quite the same as when you leave home and are suddenly thrust into the solo mission that is college life. Not to mention the freedom to explore copious amounts of alcohol, drugs and sex that higher education offer- what a bonus right? Well it turns out our favorite” almost famous” shredder Justin “Huggie Bear” Hughs is about to embark on his next phase of life and attend college down south in the land of affectionally known as La-La Land. We had to send him off with some good memories correct? So our Mission was relatively A simple one: we wanted to take Hugs on a barnburner of a skate mission with the intent of winding up in HB for the opening of the new Vans Park. Our plan would be a sweet leisurely coastal cruise hitting a shitload of parks we haven’t been to while disseminating very useful wisdom to our boy hugs that he will be able to put to good use during his stint in college. The crew was compiled, the date set and the itinerary outlined so the only thing left was to get in the car and get to ripping, stacking clips, shooting photos and having a good time. However I withheld the 1 big nugget of info to the crew that was this was also going to be a work trip for Joe and I. We had a stack of appointments in LA with various shops along our route that we were going to slip in along our merry way. On paper it didn’t look like much but god damn were we mistaken once we got into the smoggy concrete jungle known as Los Angeles. The drive up the 101 was a leisurely but cloudy cruise spreading our much earned wisdom to Hugs. The few accounts we visited were mixed in with sweet skate spots like that beauty of a ramp in Cayocus and the hidden treasure known as the Greenville skatepark. At this point I believe the dudes were thinking our work schedule was going to be a breeze. I mean what’s not to like about A little bit of skatin, a little business a little token and joking? I’m convinced they thought working in the skate industry was a unchallenging career that any monkey with a little skate experience could handle.

The next couple days would prove that theory to be ill-judged because our goal of visiting 40 accounts in 4 days turned out to be a feat that almost drove everyone over the edge. It’s not the quantity that had us searching for therapy in a bottle it was the hectic everyday life that comes with the mad socio economic experiment that is called LA. With the population density of approximately 8,225 people per square mile Los Angeles is a failed test in co-habitation that i believe has gone awry (not to mention the 5,484,606 cars in Los Angeles County). I just don’t believe we are wired to live together with this many people with such chaotic schedules. I am no expert in the way we are meant to share living space so all of my theories are off the cuff however I believe we’re still geared to live in small tribes like the one we had cruising up the 101 the day before. Just a few dudes smoking and loc’n sharing good storiesand laughs and smelling each other farts is a enjoyable kibbutz. Not 9.963 million people stacked on top of each other smelling exhaust and grasping for but not reaching the carrot that is stardom. Don’t get me wrong parts of LA are the most beautiful in the world and the skate spots and skateboarders are fucking sick!!! Not to mention almost all the shops we visited were chill as fuck. its all the other shit that goes with living in one of the largest rat races in the world i can’t fucking stand! Maybe it’s just things are more laid back in nor cal? As i wrote that sentence though it sounded gay as shit so that’s obviously not the reason. while i’ve been to LA countless times it’s pretty obvious what’s to blame is i’ve never been with such a gnarly schedule to complete. Who’s fault is that? Well fuck stick 2000 it’s mine of course but i won’t take all the blame. That damn congested cesspool of hatred i’ve been bitching about is partially to blame as well! Super cliche' but I hate LA!

The itinerary started to crumble on day two we hit 10 shops throughout the traffic riddled los angeles area that took us well into the evening. Over a few drinks at a over priced hamburger joint packed with the ever cliche actor/waiter combo we realized we would only hit half the parks on the list. Unfortunately that meant getting only half the clips and photos that we anticipated. We were already showing signs of exhaustion anyway so it was easy to determine that disposing more little brown ring philosophy to hugs and hitting all the accounts we set out to see was more important than hitting every skate spot. Don’t get me wrong the sessions on the way up and the ripping time we had at the new Oceanside park were killer but there is only so much a human can do. Luckily Ryan filmed a mini ramp snuggler while we were gone so the video below wasn’t just a minute of mediocre moves and bathroom beatdowns. So even though we didn’t quite meet expectations on the skate mission side the business part was a huge success and so was the send off fiesta for Huggie. We most definitely raged against the machine and to our surprise Hugs hung like a champ and even over shadowed us at the hip hop bar. All these guys are fucking troopers and although we mostly came back with some sweet portraits and middle of the road clips I deem this adventure a triumph. Weird, I almost want to go back to LA?

Yours (mostly) Truly - Brodela


Road Warriors


Ill Equipped Video Clips With a Secret Meat Juice Jam

“These little mindless internet clips, people forget about a second later. Who fucking gives a shit?” – Zach Lyons, Jenkem

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