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Weekend Love Fest Vol #1 – Hittin Sparks at The Ark!

Ryan Carpenter, Monty Grind @ The Ark


If we tell you that you’ve got two days to live then don’t complain,

cause that’s one more than you’d get in Zaire

Here Come’s The Weekend – The Jam

Do you remember the early years of unbridled shred?* No worries, no hurries and kick flips were coming in flurries! You know the time before the ponderous weight of growing old, with all its pressures and pains that creeped up, skateboarding was all you did and you did it all day. Well, maybe That’s not all you did, as you got a little older if you were smart there were also sex and drugs mixed in there as well. Nonetheless, let’s face it little Billy, those days are over for most of us but that doesn’t mean the wheels stop rolling and life isn’t worth living. Au contraire mon fraire there is still plenty of time to get out there and live the dream no matter how gnarly the the savage beat down life has dished out. As a matter of fact these little zen sticks we float around tend to keep the bully that is life at arms length thus avoiding the aforementioned ass whooping. As the hours at work get longer, the family duties get larger, the injuries linger longer and the hangovers get worse – the thing that keeps us connected to the true vibration of life is knowing we will be on the coping at least a few times this week. Listen, our beat ass crew is no different from your beat ass crew with the exception of course that we have this website to document our escapades and spit them out to you. Well maybe there is one important difference, we make sure the skate train never gets derailed no matter what comes our way.

"Au contraire mon fraire there is still plenty of time to get out there and live the dream no matter how gnarly the the savage beat down life has dished out"

Fuck those money problems, erectile disfunction’s, government intrusions, alcohol anonymous classes and whatever pitfalls that make your weak excuses seem reasonable. Like a friend who has passed too early and you vow to never forget you must do the same with skateboarding. No matter what make the time to call your friends to hop on your skateboards and watch all your shit go away and I bet you will most likely figure out a answer for those self inflicted woes. So short story short thats that’s what these Weekend Love Fest** blogs will be all about – getting together with the crew on the weekends and skating, filming, shooting photos and coming back to our “normal” life on Monday with a shit load of posted memories and bruises. As hippy dippy as it sounds i’m telling you it keeps the fire burning and the connection to your true self strong as fuck. No matter what, never forget your crew and never forget the way rolling around on 4 wheels feels- it won’t roll back the years but it will keep you sharper than the proles.

– BROdela

* Our boy huggie is still in the throes of unbridled shred- this article is about the remaining 4 wheel crusters!

** better titles like working for the weekend and weekend warriors were already taken


Saturday Slashers On Diamond Grind Coping

We only rolled on Saturday this weekend but we were fortunate enough to hit the Ark In Santa Rosa and sample that Diamond Grind coping

everyone is raving about. You gotta give this stuff a grind- it’s fun as shit!


See Ya Next Weekend Bitches!

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