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Rusty's Big Day Out

The dynamic duo of destruction


The Nick Swardson of skateboarding hit's the big quadruple duty day trip (with a little help from the homey's Adam Emery and The Mighty Meat Juice). From Man Ramon to Poo Town, over to Elk Grove then finally the Juice bowl.... A long day packed with sugar sticks and sick tricks all for the the man known as Rusty!

Crail slides and elbow gashes - a day of packed with success and defeat

The bionic arm has been killing the street for days but has recently found the love that only a tranny can give..... straight all terrain ripper!

They say every dog has it's day? Well I know every DIY should have it's dog..... That hot dang

Yoda rules the roost and demands your respect! Get him a beer damnit....

On to what you've been waiting for - the cinematic adventure known as Rusty's Big Day out!


Photos & Video: @4wbs

Words: BROdela

Skate Stunts and Fresh Blunts: @emerybored, @meatjuice, @master_shredder666

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