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Shredding Tears and Drinking Beers for Pop's Last Weekend in the Bay!

Popcorns Big Day Out!

Real Friends are hard enough to come by and when one this important to the crew departs for greener pastures you can either sit around and cry or throw a weekend rager! We of course did the latter. The truck stop meth was mixed, the boards gripped, the bike club compiled and the spots mapped for a fitting farewell weekend of shred to honor our favorite drinking buddy...... Peep the culmination of gnarly that ensued and buy your boy Corn a beer if you see him lurking in his new home of Los Angeles...... he probably misses his Nor Cal homeys.

I know we miss him already!


The Birth of the Bike Club: 2 Wheels + 4 wheels = Heck Ride Forever!

Collectively this crew has compiled well over a century of skateboarding between us. That's a whole lot of time on 4 wheels and whole lot of pleasure mixed with pain. Doesn't mean we don't love skateboarding as much as we used to- we most certainly do. It just means other less abusive interests arise and the act of shredding with these beaten bones is a bit trickier to navigate these days. While sitting around enjoying some adult beverages we realized we all share a passion for bikes and we all dig good beer (you can't get in the club without those 2 loves). While planning Pop's big bon voyage party we came up with what may be the best idea we have ever thunk..... ride skateboard equipped bikes from spot to spot, hit various breweries in between sessions and keep the old legs warmed up while clocking as many miles as possible. Just like that the birth of Bike Club was conceived!

46 Miles, 100+ Beers, 3 Sick Days called in on Monday

Next up was picking the route and the final spots for the weekend. What we eventually mapped out would prove to be intense to say the least -> Meet up at the Oakland Card club for breakfast and drinks, Special Secret Spot first, then Treasure Island, off to Lower Bob's, hit Emeryville skatepark, drop in at the Secret Spine Ramp, Hop On Bart to Man Ramon, over to Poo Pleasanton park, then ditch the bikes for a street session with Adam Emery in Modesto and finally a barn burner at the world famous Juice Bowl..... a program best suited for a methed up alley cat or a juiced up (real) athlete - not so easy for older skate rats with a mean case of the rickets. As you could imagine the peddling became super intense at times (some fools were dropping like flies) and i don't mean to cry like a little baby but it was super difficult for me carrying all the camera gear (it's tough playing a cycling documentarian with 30lbs on your back). But we all did it and most importantly Popcorn had a great send off filled with bros, stunts, beers and some tears.

"we realized we all share a passion for bikes and we all dig good beer"

Check these highlighted photos that lead you down to a sweet edit that we produced - and come along on the next ride if your in the Bay Area. Bike Club meets up once a month and it's always fun as can be.............Heck Ride Forever!


Photo of the Weekend: Adam Emery, Bridge of Death Modesto CA

Adam: "I want to grind the top ropes on a local bridge before we head to the Juice Bowl"

Me: "Are you f'in nuts?"

I guess not..... homeboy laid down the metal sign and quickly hopped on the 50-50 without regard for life and limb.Adam Emery is one of the best do ever do it!


Favorite Bar of the Weekend: Oaks Card Club, Emeryville CA

We went to the trendiest breweries in the bay and none of them could beat the hospitality of the Oaks Card Club and the best bartender in the bay, the world famous Luther. This was our meeting point and we downed a shot of tequila and a Bloody Mary before we set out to the first spot..... this was at 7am in the morning. Definitely a recipe for disater but it affected us like steroids and Lance Armstrong!


Spot Of the Weekend: Lower Bob's, Oakland CA

The Special Secret spot? Treasure Island? New Secret Spine Ramp? Sure, all killer spots but none quite as epic as Lower Bob's


Misc Awards: Gerardo Sweeps the Podium!

Best hair (obvious), bought the best round for the crew (hop bullet double ipa) and best tattoo (shark with boobs) all belong to the Antonio Banderas of Skateboarding, Gerardo Peniche Jr.


Freshest Spot of the Weekend: Anthony's Secret Spine Ramp

Don't ask to drive his car and definitely don't ask to skate the new mini. Sorry, the baby is sleeping


Crapiest Bike: Barry's Hoopdie

Straight lost his pedals going through the hood and had to be towed to safety with bungee cords and a Bic lighter for headlights. Picture Terry rollin!


Coolest Dude of the Weekend: Popcorn Himself

Was there even a close 2nd? Part James Dean, part Bukowski = fully cool! They broke the mold when they made this dude!


Time for everyone's favorite part of the blog: Clips of the weekend for your ocular enjoyment!

Don't miss out on the carpool karaoke ender.......


Photos & Video: @4wbs

Words: BROdela

Go to our instagram for the remaining photos and C roll footy!

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