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Champelli X Jesse Boudreau @ The Treasure Island Skatepark

We love making product.... that's obvious. We love being out in the wild skating and shooting skating more though. So when our good friend Garret from Champelli hit us up for a skater to shoot and a good location we jumped at the chance to get Jesse fitted in some Champelli goods and head to the island.

That Champelli Fit!

After a brief visit with the man behind the build, Josh Matlock, we huddled up set the days outline and went to work. Garret on the A camera, Nick handled B Roll and I squeezed out a few photos while assisting in art direction. Even though it was the first time working with Garret we wasted no time getting down and producing some killer content, it was like we did this 50 times before. And it goes without saying Jesse f'in killed it making it much easier for us camera jockeys to get down. All in all it was a killer shoot for a killer brand!

Buttery Commercial courtesy of @gertgertgert

B Roll clips courtesy of Nick Rodela

Fakie Nose Blunt on the Bank / Foto courtesy @4WBS

Handsome Is What Handsome Does / Foto courtesy @4WBS

Pivot To Fakie While The Passengers Peep Game / Foto courtesy @4WBS

Champelli Does it Right: Click For a Good Read / Foto by Ashley Epping


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Photos by @4WBS



Yours Truly

- The World's Oldest Skateboarder


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