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The Thrasher Scans, V2: Corey Duffel

Corey has always been one of my favorite people to point my camera at and the very reason the Thrasher Scan series exists. I promised him for years I would find that damn doubles photo of him and Wade Speyer ollieing a set in Man Ramon and I finally had a free weekend to do the deep dive. The CD drive arrived on Friday and by Sunday I located the image and while this may seem like a tall tale, I went through almost 100 discs and I swear the photo was found on the 2nd to last disc. The disc was mislabeled and almost overlooked again, but it was a blessing in disguise because I found an amazing amount of forgotten images looking for this single shot, thus birthing the Thrasher Scan Series.............

Passing the Torch / 1998

The idea behind this shot was to bridge the generation between Wade and Corey and show the skate world Think was following in its path of the gnar elite. Unfortunately, not long after this photo was taken Wade was kicked off for being too old and Corey left for greener pastures. Think's marketing took a turn from hesh to fresh and a incredible era came to an end, but make no mistake during its heyday Think was the f'in best!

Corey's First Think AD / 1998

After some dilly dallying around at warm up spots Corey suggested we pack the crew up and head to this roof at Walnut Acres Elementary. With no delay Corey climbed up on top, threw his board down and snapped a couple ollies. This was the first time I shot with Corey and knew right away this kid had that special something most kids (and adults) don't possess. And I was right, to this day Corey is straight still killing it and has a passion for skateboarding that is unparalleled. However, I did realize as I was putting this post together that I scanned the wrong photo.

Corey's 2nd Think AD / 1999

This has to be my favorite Corey photo. Super steep rail that throws you straight to the ground leaving no room for mistakes, but unfortunately on this shoot a mistake did happen. Corey broke his elbow on a previous attempt, but didn’t give a shit and climbed his skinny ass right back up and made it like a champ. I don’t know many other skateboarders with more injuries than me, but Corey is definitely one of those few. Straight dedication to the craft!

Product Placement / 1998

No fucks given from day 1 makes for a great graphic 24 years later.

Hit the photo to see the full line up of Adored treats!

Knee Bender at the Knee Doctor / 2001

Janky ass run up to a pretty decent sized double set was no big deal for Corey, but this was at my knee surgeons office and it kinda gave me bad feeling. I'm not one to fall prey to a silly omen but I was hoping this was going to go down quick and painless and luckily it did. Leather jacket for extra style points and please note those hands never touched the ground!

That Blue Hubba In Black And White /2001

Corey attacks the legendary Monte Vista Blue Hubba with a high speed hurricane while the cheerleaders hide their recent pregnancies with shame. Gotta love the Valley.

Walk Before You Run / Moraga 2001

One of my last photos of Corey from the good old days. One of my favorites too, not because of the trick but I was finally learning how to take properly exposed photos and anyone who shoots film knows that it was a lot tougher when you couldn't immediately look at the back of your camera. I believe Corey went back and front blunted this not long after?

So this was a nice warm up for both of us I guess?

The Strength Magazine Interview / 2001

Even when Corey was in between board sponsors it didn't stop him from charging hard. Not many wanted to run Corey content during this period but the late Eric Stricker at Strength was down to feature a full length interview. We went to work and after it was finished i'm not sure if I shot Corey again? After shooting the interview I hung my camera up for a few years and fortunately not long after this Corey made his run to solidify his place as one of the gnarliest skateboarders of all time. The content Corey put out after this was nothing short of amazing.

Hop Before You Fade

Well here we are! 24 years after our first shoot and my camera is once again focused on the Duffman .......and he still doesn't disappoint. Corey seems to be in a great space and is handling his legend status like a boss. I guarantee more iconic foto's are yet to come, dude won't quit and neither will I.


3 Of My Favorite Duffel Videos

Runaway Kites

After years of brutal slams and industry politics Corey still has a passion for skateboarding that very few possess and it comes across hard in this video. I know it's this may be a bold claim but this might be my all time favorite Duffel part!

Cataclysmic Abyss


The Fine Art Of Pushing

Straight style for miles!

The complementary zine that was available at the Runaway Kites premiere featuring art and words by Corey and photos by yours truly.


That's it for now kids....... New post coming soon!

Get out and make shit happen...........

Yours (Mostly) Truly



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