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The Thrasher Scans, V4: The Sequences

The Thrasher Scans, V4: The Sequences

8 frames a second if you were lucky! Mostly on tmax 3200 as well so you know that grain was sweet! Compared to the gear we have now the 90's seemed like the stone age but hot damn if there isn't a certain beauty to the good ol' days

The Infamous Thrasher Park: 2004

One of the first empty pools in Nor Cal was located here. I tore my ACL at the first wooden skatepark they built here. Phil was the first to ollie the fence out of the bowl here.....

You gotta take the good with the bad on D Street!

Tech As Heck in 2002

Nollie Heel Revert in 2002? That Chad Vogt dude was a fucking ripper!

Late Start, Strong Finish: 2002

I was known for starting my sequences late. Film was expensive as hell and even though Think was paying the bills I still ran the risk of running out before the sesh was over. Branen Fitzgerald made this Back 180 in Phoenix on the last roll of Tmax 3200....... thank f'in god

Empty Pool at Our Hotel: 2003

Not only did Klamath Falls boast one of the best skateparks in Oregon and one of the raunchiest strip clubs in the state but if you picked the right hotel you could skate a sweet pool in between visiting each landmark! Dumo was one of the best until he wasn't..... I tell ya it's a crying shame

Strawberry Fields Forever: 2004

Speaking of pool rippers, this dude Aaron Astorga was one of the best back in the day.... Probably still kills it to this day! 5/0 over the cake like a pastry chef

Double Trouble: 2004

Another Bay Area ripper Duane Lamb handles the hip while the legend Matt D carves his troubles away on the back wall. Don't fuck with the bunnies!

The Big Switch: 2002

On a road trip to regain strength and market share I think we mostly smoked chrondolay and watched Jake Nunn destroy all that laid in his path. You best believe Big Un's weren't no joke!

Love Your Local: 2004

Just make sure they are of age.... Nate Greenan was Man Ramon's answer to the great white north's Alex Chalmers...... not that there was even a question that need that answer

Roller Horror: 2003

No blades? No problem! Eric Sepulveda uses his rutter to show the inline clowns how it's done.



Remembering Phil Shao

1973-1998: He came, he saw, he ripped, he died... Miss you blood

Chad Vogt

Next Generation - H Street

Jake Nunn

411 rookies part!


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