The Year Of Living Dangerously: Weekend Mush Fest 2020 🍄

Updated: Nov 17

The boys get in one last shred in for the last weekend love fest of the year.... who cares if it's the worst year on record for most? It didn't stop the spins, grins and psilocybin's as we closed out the chaos that is 2020.

Before we hit the island to indulge in our Christmas wishes we had to stop at Bella to satiate The Wicklow Wizard in his quest for switch gold. Seems you must spin if you want to win and everyone needs a little winning in their lives these days..... and just as you figured, homey did indeed both spin and win while mounted on his skateboard in the wrong direction.

Fucking Jesse!

With the spin cycle complete we trekked to our favorite spot in the Bay, the world famous Treasure Island DIY. Knowing it would be wet our senior tech brought the blow torch and a full tank of propane to dry that bitch up! While we waited out the custodian crew and their task at hand we ingested micro doses of joy and fully settled in to the last love fest of the year!

Once it was nice and dry shit went down, shit didn't go down, but fun was had by one and all and it almost felt like life was normal again. Christmas cheer, flavored beer and plenty of camera gear set the tone for what I hope we all get to indulge in more frequently in 2021......... i miss life!

* Your guess is as good as mine as to what happens from here on out, but that's not stopping us from wishing ya'all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be safe but don't stop rolling no matter what!

Words And Photos: BROdela

Skateboarders: Jesse Boudreau, Lance Bass

Filmer / Photography: BROdela

* Everyone participating in this tale of shred has been tested and is Covid free...... other infections for sure..... but no 19